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Bethany has been singing for a long time...a long, long time. Given that she's...umm...over 21, you might wonder why you haven't heard of her.  I guess the best answer is...she's been busy. That, however, isn't necessarily a bad thing.  She has earned advanced certification in wine studies from the prestigious Wine and Spirits Educational Trust , studied
floral design and gardening at the New York Botanical Gardens, opened Lovejoy Flowers, a floral design business,
taken cooking classes at the Institute of Culinary Education " target="_blank", and spent time volunteering as a cat socializer at
Animal Haven Shelter in Queens.

     Oh yeah, and there was that European tour of 42nd Street
she starred in, and those commercials and appearances
in regional theatres. Yeah, she's been busy.
But now she's singing again...and well, too, it seems.  
Gordon Goodwin (of the Big PHAT Band) wrote:

"You are so awesome! Haven't heard many singers better than you, and I've heard a few!"

Check out "The Big Band Theory"
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Tourist on The Run CD by Bohagey Bowes
Bethany can also be heard on
Bohagey Bowes
CD "Tourist on the Run".